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Hi, I’m Nicola, the Blue Bee VA. Welcome to my website 😀

As a VA I specialise in assisting solopreneurs and small businesses with their digital marketing, admin and/or Italian language issues. This could be anything from helping you set up and manage social media; creating digital graphics, writing and distributing blog content or handling the tricky landmine of bilingual negotiations and admin.

Well, this is what I officially do, what I actually do is get rid of those %#&! times when you spend an afternoon trying to work out how to get the proper Youtube thumbnail to show on Linkedin, or 3 hours trying to edit the video and add subtitles but you don’t know which programme to use or how to get the subtitles on and what does .scc and .srt mean??? Aaagh! We’ve all been there – so let me sort out those bits while you earn yourself more time and money getting on with the parts of your business that are really going to earn you the top dosh.  

I’ve worked in a variety of different roles over the years but they’ve all had one common thread – relationship building and coming up with creative ways to help my “customers”. On the face of it a police officer, tour operator manager and virtual assistant don’t have much in common. But I have gone from literally talking people down off railway bridges to getting them off more metaphorical business and customer service bridges and moving on with their lives.  

15 years ago a twist of fate brought me to live in a beautiful part of Northern Tuscany called Lunigiana, where I am now happily settled with my family. When I’m not working on my business you’ll find me enjoying a cappuccino in the sunshine, wandering around the local market (with my wicker basket of course), or soaking up all the amazing Italian art and culture……..ha, I wish! Where you’ll really find me is in the kitchen cooking a meal, in the kitchen cleaning up after a meal, hanging out lots of washing and trying (usually unsuccessfully) to get my teenager off his PS4, phone, YouTube or Whatsapp. It really is all the same the world over…

So, if you need a virtual assistant who slots in and gets on with things, I am that person. From marketing strategy to managing your suppliers or assisting with admin, I can come back to you with solutions, take some  responsibility off your shoulders and give you some precious time back. What you do with that time is up to you! Working on the areas of your business that you do best, spending more time with your family or a well earned rest (you know you need that holiday!)? The choice is yours. For some ideas on how I can help you check out my Services page.

If you’re interested in working with me get in touch to arrange a free consultation, I’d love to hear from you.


(or if you’re thinking “I need to know more – what experience does this girl* have? Is she qualified?”) then scroll down for a list of my qualifications and previous jobs).

*I know I’m pushing it a bit using “girl”…


Various travel industry roles including:

Product Development Manager (Tour Operator) & FIT Supervisor

Police Officer

Office Manager

For more detailed information connect with me on Linkedin


IDM –  Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, Distinction

University of Glasgow –  MA Italian Language and Literature, 2(i)

Freelance University – Certifications in Social Media manager and Graphic Design

Police Promotion Exams

I am continually updating my skills and knowledge in digital marketing and graphic design through online courses.

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